Tips To Prepare Your Retractable Awnings before Winter

A retractable awning will provide more shade, and it helps you enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors during summer. One of the main advantages of using retractable awning is that it requires only very little maintenance. But when it’s time for winter, you can’t leave the awning in the cold weather since it can damage your awning. There are few things you should do while preparing for winter, to increase the lifespan of your retractable awnings in Melbourne and maintain it in good condition so that it could be used again, and again.

Cassette Retractable Awnings

Cassette style retractable awnings have a metal attachment called cassette which protects the material or fabric of the awning when retracted. This type of awning has two features that can make certain protections. When the awning is retracted, the last inches raise the arms to allow the visible part of the bar to pull the awning against its metal cassette.  It also contains a sensing motor which could detect once the awning’s bar is fully retracted. Loosen the screws of fabric locks and slide your valance out. Then roll up your valance. Keep the locks and cap together for easy reinstallation during Spring.

Open Roll Fabric Retractable Awnings

For open roll fabric retractable awnings, a soft vinyl winter cover suits well. It can cover the fabric, the arms, the motors, the valance and the front bars of your retractable awning. It can be easily installed by just sliding over your fabric roll. But the installation brackets and the square tube are left exposed. These covers are held in place with the help of zip ties through the grommet in the front and the back.

Cleaning and Dry Your Awning

Remove the leaves, debris or dirt from the awning by brushing it from the top edge of the awning towards the bottom edge. Still, any dirt remains, use a hose, gentle soap, and a brush to remove the stubborn spots and stuck debris. Then let the awning to dry completely before folding and storing because storing a wet awning can lead to damage. If your retractable awning has valance, then remove it and do the same to remove the dirt and stains from your awning.

Check for Damages

While preparing for winter, you need to spend some time to check whether your retractable roof systems in Melbourne have any damages such as worn parts, tears, etc. Make sure that the stitching in your awnings is not unraveling at any point. Also, ensure that the valance is free from damages due to being exposed to sunlight or any harsh elements.  Since the price of retractable awnings in Melbourne is little high, if you find any damage in it, you need to rectify it before packing or storing.