Vertex Retractable Pergola

Retractable Pergolas and Awnings

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The Vertex system solves conflicting issues that clients have with pitch fall. Fortunately, we have engineered and accustomed The Vertex to operate on a flat level application! Retract your membrane skin partially or completely for an optimum light entrance. Whilst extended it guarantees ultimate sun and rain protection allowing you to enjoy your outdoor area through all seasons and weather conditions. The engineered mechanicals are similar to the Star System with differences in the way the fabric is tensioned.

vertex retractable pergola

Design Brief

  • High strength aluminium alloy suitable for marine environments
  • Vertex Pergola comes in three sizes for overall project dimensions
  • Certified custom electrostatic powder coating to any Dulux or Duralloy colour with durability for marine environments
  • Leading Somfy Motorisation and remote systems
  • Extensive range of waterproof membrane fabric available in different varieties of colours and textures
  • 316 Stainless steel parts and stainless steel fixings
  • Capable of withstanding wind load’s of up to 118km/h as a standard structure or more with a purpose built frame
  • Maximum span in one unit is 20m wide with a 15m projection Standard support frame are at 5m intervals
  • Fabric membrane runs on a flat level application

Optional Extras Available

  • Integrated guttering system and internal downpipe
  • A large range of powder coating colours to choose from, including wood grain
  • Blackout PVC skin optional for prevention of heat transfer
  • Somfy branded sun, wind and rain sensors
  • Timber cladding available to posts and rafters upon request
  • HighTek powered LED lighting in warm or cool white
  • Tracked blinds in PVC clear or textured colours are easily attached to aluminium posts
  • Custom designed and engineered support frames

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Complete waterproof solution
Provides perfect solar protection
Retract your pergola to filter sun to your desired taste


Luxurious Serge Ferrari Membrane fabrics available in a wide range of colours and textures as well as acoustic options