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Please read these Terms and Conditions thoroughly before using the website operated by Eurola.

Viewing of this Terms and Conditions is part of your acceptance and adherence to these Terms. This applies to all customers, business owners, and other affiliates who view or access the website.

By accessing our website you are bound to abide by these terms. Any disagreement at any time from your end would warrant your removal from our mailing list.

Affiliate links

Our website may contain affiliate links to outside websites that are not under or operated by Eurola.

We have no liability over the content, terms, or privacy statements of these third-party entities nor do we have any responsibility for any experience that you may encounter on these sites. We are not to be held responsible for any indirect or direct damage or loss that occurs within these third-party websites. Any reliance on their services, goods, or content would be solely their responsibility.

Please be aware and read through the terms and conditions and the privacy policies of any of the third-party websites that you visit.

Government Law

The terms listed are placed in accordance to the laws of New South Wales, Australia where the company resides.

Any failure to enforce these provisions on our end will not be considered immunity to these laws. If there are any terms or conditions stated that are not and cannot be admissible in court, the remaining provisions of these Terms will remain in effect. These terms serve as a binding agreement between you (the end-user) and our website. Any agreements that were made prior to this is now amended by these new terms.

Updating of terms

We have sole rights to change and update the terms and conditions under the circumstances that we see fit. If any updates are made to this document, we will notify the concerned parties as soon as possible. We offer a 30-day grace period before the updated terms would come into effect.

Continued use of our website after these revisions would be considered as approval of the updated clauses. If you have any disagreements to the revised terms, then you are free to discontinue use of the website.

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