Retractable Awnings

Experience the Atmosphere at Your Home

Our retractable awnings will prolong and enhance your outdoor lifestyle. It gives you absolute control over the local weather on your terms. Awnings provide shade without blocking the view. On a sunny day, you can unroll it to get instant shade and protection.

Also, a sun sensor (optional) can prolong the life of an awning in the sun, while a wind sensor (also optional) can protect it in windy weather conditions more

Advantages of Installing Our Retractable Awnings:

  • Our awnings help maintain cooler temperatures inside and subsequently decrease your power bills by up to 25% (if you turn on air conditioning)
  • They are an Eco-friendly way to cool your home and offer shade without hindering the view
  • Installing our awnings results in a well-sheltered place safe for children and pets to have fun and play around, while avoiding exposure to direct sunlight
  • Besides, retractable awnings also helps preserve floor coverings and expensive furniture from fading in harsh sunlight
  • Awnings also ensure privacy when needed. In fact, they add incredible value to your property
  • Our awnings can transform your patios and balconies into attractive and cool extra living spaces

Energy Performance

If you are looking to enhance the energy performance of your home, then retractable awnings are your best bet. They help cut thermal heat gain while improving the energy performance of your home.

Eurola’s retractable awnings block the sun’s rays off the glass, thereby decreasing solar gain by nearly 80%. It’s a great alternative to thermal pane glass, window tints or internal blinds.


Our extensive range of awnings consists of both retractable awnings, folding arm awnings and more. Experience, relaxing shade outdoors, by installing our affordable and high quality awnings right today!

Tailored to suit the needs of the Australasian climate, Eurola takes pride in our outdoor weather smart systems – retractable pergolas, external sunscreens and folding arm awnings. Eurola believes in striking the balancing between style and quality to deliver the best possible outcome for our retailers as well as end-users.