Questions to Ask While Buying Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings add more beauty to your home and allow you to utilize your outdoor space whenever needed. When extended, the retractable awning in Sydney provides shade, and when retracted, it blends into your home’s background allowing you to enjoy more open space. However, buying a retractable awning is the greatest task and here a list of questions you need to ask before buying the retractable awning for your home or commercial area.

Does the dealer install the retractable awning?

While buying the awning, ask your dealer whether they provide the installation process for you. If they offer installation then it will be easy for you, else you need to search for a subcontractor for the installation. If your dealer offers installation process, then ask whether installation of the retractable awning is covered under warranty.

Where will the retractable awning be installed?

You can ask your dealer to choose a right spot in your home to install the retractable awning. Since they have many years of experience in installing many awnings, they can choose the best spot that could provide the amount of shade you expect.

Whether the retractable awning fabric is 100% acrylic?

Most of the buyers prefer acrylic fabric for their awning since it will not fade or rot excessively. They provide same pattern and color on both sides which makes them more attractive.  Retractable awning fabric which is sewn with UV stable threads and has 100% acrylic fabric can last more than 12 years with regular cleaning and maintenance.

How will the retractable awning be mounted?

In most cases, the retractable awnings will be mounted to the roof just above the gutter or under the soffit. Knowing the location is important since the location where it is mounted will affect the height of the awning. It makes the difference in installing the retractable awning to your home or business.

Whether the manual or electrical retractable awning the best option?

Even though the price of the electrical retractable awning in Sydney is high, it is recommended because it is easy to use and you no need to use your arm muscles to roll out and unroll it. Most customers who have purchased electrical retractable awning feel more satisfactory than one who bought manual retractable awning. Another advantage of choosing an electrical awning is it has a motion sensor that could unroll automatically during heavy wind.

Whether your dealers have different models to choose from?

Enquire your dealer whether they have different models of the retractable awning to choose from. If your dealers have varieties of awnings with the different color, pattern, fabrics, etc., then you can choose the one that best suits your need. If they don’t offer more models, then you need to get satisfied with what they show. So it is better to widen your search while choosing the retractable roof systems in Sydney.