Useful Tips to Prepare Your Awning for Winter

Regular maintenance of your retractable roof systems in Sydney is crucial, and this is true especially in the winter months. It is easy to forget about taking care of this part of a home when the temperature begins to drop. While the structure of the retractable awnings is designed to be used year round, it’s a good idea to prepare for the colder months.

Check for Damages

Take your time to check the retractable awning for damages before you start preparing your awning for the winter. Look for any tears, worn parts, or other damages and ensure that the stitching is not unravelling at any point. Get the damages corrected, if any before it is packed up for the next season.

Clear the Debris

Clearing debris is the crucial step that one should consider when it comes to preparing for winter. Take your time to dust it off. In doing this, you remove any leaves, dirt, pollen, and other debris that has gathered on it while it was in use. This reduces the chances of getting tears or scratches during washing by any sharp debris that is already on it.

Inspect for Mildew

Building up of mildew is a major issue with retractable awning surfaces. Since these surfaces are constantly exposed to the elements for a long time, it must be inspected. Clean mildew as soon as you identify it, and carefully inspect the fabric for any mildew stains or other discoloration.

Wash It

Use a soft cloth and soapy water to wash the retractable roofs in Sydney. Don’t use any harsh chemicals or cleaners that are used to remove harsh stains. Also, stay away from abrasive scrubbers that could damage the fabric. After washing your awnings, make sure to clean them with clean water. Don’t neglect the removable parts such as valance but wash, dry up, roll up, and store the valance for the next spring season.

Take Down the Awning

This step should be followed to extend the lifetime of your retractable roof system. It will also protect your awning from wind and weather damage. If you prefer to leave it up for the winter, you will want to brush the snow from the top periodically. Use a large broom or brush with long handles to remove the snow (if you are living in an area with the lowest temperature). You should keep your awning cover and motor clean by clearing off the heavy snow and ice build-ups because water from the melted snow and ice can damage your awning.

Storing Awnings

If you prefer to store your awning during the colder months, keep them in a dry place to avoid any mould or mildew growth or other damage.

Winterising your retractable roof system keeps your awning in good working condition and will yield many years of enjoyment.

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