Tips and Tricks to choose the best Colour for Your Retractable Awnings

“A man’s home is his castle,” everybody loves their home and to be at their home. No one likes to be in a messy or disorganised house. A beautiful home makes you more comfortable, relaxed and a nice place to live in.

These days it has become a fashion to decorate your exterior and interior to make you home good-looking and comfortable. Even though more decorative items are available in the market these days, one of the best and most preferred among them is the retractable awnings Sydney. These retractable awnings Sydney prices vary according to quality and size. They not only add beauty to your home or commercial place but also provide you with extra space to live in. This blog deals with various tips and tricks, in the selection of the best colour for your retractable awnings Sydney.

Tips for Choosing the Best Colour for Your Shade Solution – The Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings are the best shading solution under which you sit relaxed and can enjoy the weather. Even waterproof retractable awnings Sydney are available, which are gaining more popularity these days. They complement the design of your home and add an element of style. Psychologists say that colours have the ability of healing and can influence one’s mood.

Once you have decided to buy a retractable awning, make sure you choose the colour wisely. Certain colours work better with different architectural designs, and some are better at resisting fading and hiding stains. The following are a few tips for the selection of the right colour for your retractable awning,

  • Selection Of Either Lighter Or Darker Shades

According to science, black or darker colours absorb more heat, while the lighter shade or white colour reflects heat. So the shade selection purely depends on you irrespective of the fabrics and the patterns in the retractable awnings.

If you want to lower the carbon footprint or to maximise the energy benefits, then you have to go with a lighter colour or shade options, as they significantly provide more cooling effect than the darker shades.

  • Choose Either Contrast Or Complimentary Colour

After the selection of the shades, now it’s the time for colour selection. You are given two options either you can go with the colours that suit your home architecture or you can choose the opposite side of the colour wheel .i.e. the contrast colours.

  • Red, Blue, And Green – These suits the homes that are painted in white or pastel yellow siding.
  • Yellow – This creates a nice contrast for homes with brick exteriors or the dark grey concrete.
  • Brown – This is an excellent choice for grey or beige homes.
  • Pattern Or Solid Colour

To increase the resale value of your home, you should consider the awnings that are either a solid colour or a simple stripe pattern. These stripe patterns are a great way of getting the style elements to your home.

  • Narrow Stripes – If installing the awnings on a window or in a small area.
  • Wide Stripes – If you are covering a large area such as a porch or patio.

Thus choose wisely the colours for the retractable awnings and make your home more appealing.