Conservatory Awnings

Smart Climate Control with Conservatory Awnings

Conservatory awnings were initially made in Europe for glass conservatories. Besides this purpose, they are ideal for creating shade over pergolas and can also be installed with posts.

Conservatory awnings created for both residential and commercial purposes are best for a broad variety of uses including protection from hot sunny days.

Eurola’s awnings are precisely engineered and generously spacious to endure even the harshest wind conditions (48 km/hr). more

Our conservatory awnings are available in an extensive variety of fabric colours and materials. Solution-dyed acrylic is a popular fabric for these awnings, yet a variety of mesh fabrics like the Soltis can be availed.

Eurola’s conservatory awnings system moves on tracks, and the fabric retracts over a roller tube right into a powder coated aluminium cassette. It helps preserve the fabric when it retracts. Moreover, the cassette and tracks can be powder coated by any Dulux or Duratec powder coat colour.

The system is generally operated with a remote control. The whole drive mechanism is connected to tapes that move inside the tracks. These tapes move out to the end of the track and round a pulley and right back to the front bar that is connected to the forward edge of the fabric. Subsequently, the fabric is retained under tension as the frontal bar is drawn out by the tapes.

Eurola provides the best quality conservatory awnings that you can rely on at all times. Our model is one of the top selling awnings in Australia and with the inclusion of posts, it transforms into a retractable one with the cassette positioned on the wall while the tracks sustained at the far end of posts. Our affordable conservatory awnings are also available in regular white powder coat.