How to maintain retractable awnings?

Retractable awnings are a great addition to your home/business. They offer considerable amount of shade during the hot summer days, so that you can spend a lot of time outdoors. Though they are sturdy and durable, their hardware and canvas need regular maintenance to last longer. Here are some tips on how to maintain outdoor retractable awning,

  • Check the functionality of the awnings regularly, no matter if it is automatic or manual. It would become harder to open the shade if it blends. So in order to keep the hardware from blending, you need to extend the coverings at regular intervals during off-seasons. Look for any wear and tear in the awning mechanism at least once in a month.
  • The wind can switch the linings present in the awning and make it difficult to open and close. Thus, inspect the joints and poles when you set the covering and make sure that there are no irregularities. By repairing small kinks and greasing the squeaking parts, you can extend the lifespan of the awnings.
  • You need to protect your awnings from rusting. Check regularly if there is any rust present in the poles and the awning mechanisms. The presence of moisture contributes to the development of rust in awnings, especially at screws and joints. If left ignored, the rust could make the joints to fuse together. The perfect solution to get rid of rust spots is to lubricate it.
  • Also, check for mould spots in the material as they could break down the fabric. You can use anti-moulding agents for this purpose.
  • Other than this, regular cleaning is required to make it appear new all seasons. Follow the directions given below,
  • Initially, hose down the fabric for removing any loose debris. You can also use a broom and brush them off.
  • Get rid of any dirt and stains in the fabric by using soft brush, mild soap and lukewarm water. Never use household detergents.
  • Do not fail to remove any soap residue by thorough rinsing,
  • The water shouldn’t puddle on the fabric. So, before retracting make sure that the fabric is dried completely.
  • Do not leave any part of the awning. And while cleaning, start from the bottom then work your way up.


  • Shrubbery and vines shouldn’t be allowed to grow near the awnings as they have acidic contents that can damage the fabric.
  • Most Retractable awnings are meant for sun protection only. It is not recommended to use them during strong wind, snow, hail and storm.

Spend some time to take care of your awnings and they would take care of you.