Advantages of having retractable awnings in your home

Retractable awnings have become the most effective and convenient type of awning in use. As the name suggests, they can be retracted and extended whenever you require, thus you can protect it against harsh weather. They are also available in motorised and manual rolling systems. Most manufacturers provide them a warranty period of 5 years and it can vary depending on the type of fabric used.  Here are some benefits of using retractable awnings at your residence,

  • Who doesn’t want to preserve the glow of their skin? UVA and UVB coming from the sun can severely damage your skin and constant exposure to sun can cause sun burns. But beautiful sunny days are to be enjoyed and with retractable roof systems, you can enjoy the view without compromising your skin health.
  • Homeowners can enhance the appearance of their home, by installing retractable awnings. It is the perfect way to increase the curb appeal of your building and provide you a relaxed outdoor atmosphere. There are wide collections of outdoor retractable awnings and they come in variety of sizes and styles. Thus, it is very easy to choose the right one which suits your house.
  • The residents of Australia usually spend fortunes on buying expensive furniture and items. It is also not uncommon to have sentimental attachments to certain items. But the harmful radiations emitted by the sun are capable of waning draperies, flooring materials, and furniture. Retractable awnings can offer furniture protection, by decreasing the amount of sunlight to which they are exposed.
  • If you are worried about the price of retractable awning, keep in mind that they can save you money by making your home more energy-efficient. Blocking the path of sunrays can directly cool things down, thus in turn save energy. It can also reduce heat gain and cut down electric bill as discussed below respectively,
  • In order to reduce the heat gain and decrease the glare, some people opt to go for tinted glass or window film. However, the energy saved by these alternatives is inferior when compared to awnings. In fact the awnings can cut down the heat gain by 50%-77%. By this, we can easily understand that you can eventually regain the money you have spent on purchasing it.
  • Most people rely on air-conditioners to escape from high temperatures. But this dependence would result in higher energy bill. On the other hand, awnings can offer cooling effect without any need for additional energy. It actually reduces about 25% of the money spent on your utility bill.

Hence, by considering the added value, energy efficiency and enhanced aesthetic appeal it makes more sense to invest on retractable awnings.