Factors to Consider While Choosing a Pergola for Your Backyard

In Australia, there wouldn’t be a home without a patio or backyard. From chic city terraces to grand outback farms, a louvered pergola either attached on the wall or free standing gives maximum shade and adds style to a home.

A louvered roof pergola is the latest building trend that lends itself well to the increasing desire to enjoy the leisure activities with greater gusto in the backyard. Not only louvered roof pergolas do a lot more than providing an area for relaxing, but also they offer a cool, shady room during all the seasons.

However, choosing the right pergola for your home can be overwhelming with so many options available in the market. Here are the aspects you need to consider when you choose a louvered roof pergola for your backyard.


Do not let the material dictate your style due to budget. With technological advancements in manufacturing, there are so many options to choose the materials that will suit all types of budget. Even if you are in tight budget, you can get one that is economical. Yes, the louvered pergola price varies from low to high.

You can even find metal that looks like wood, and plastic that look like metal. You can even achieve the style and finish of timber using the latest composite material. So make sure you explore all the options while considering the durability and the maintenance. Spending more time on the material might save you in the long run.


Before choosing a pergola, define the purpose. Determine whether you are going to use it in the patio for entertaining purpose or to enhance the beauty of your backyard. So while choosing the pergola, consider the usage and location.


The visual look of your pergola is crucial because it increases the value and enhances the beauty of your property. Take your time while choosing the size, shape, and colour of the pergolas. Make sure the design you choose complements the tone and décor of your house. A traditional timber frame pergola will add a rustic finish to your cottage or bungalow while contemporary sundeck will be the finishing touch on your new home or villa.


There are flat, curved, gabled, and slanted louvered roof pergolas which can be fixed or retractable, made of plastic and corrugated metal. In a simple pergola, tinted or clear PVC might be an economical choice. For a heritage veranda, the corrugated metal will be more suitable.

For enjoying maximum sunshine and shade, retractable roofing will be an excellent and cost-effective choice. Regardless of the type of pergola you need, you can find high-quality, stylish yet competitively-priced louvered roof pergolas to suit your budget and home décor.