Extremely Efficient Ways to Use Louvre Roof In Your Home

It is possible to date the use of louvres in houses as far back as the middle ages. Louvres are much more advanced nowadays and are made of much tougher materials such as titanium, steel, timber, and more. Also, the louvre roof prices vary based on the material used. And while they are still used (in some forms) with their original aims, they are now used for a much wider variety of purposes. We address popular but extremely efficient ways in which you can use new or existing louvre roofs at home.


This is possibly one of the most common ways you can use louvre roofs at home. While it can be good during cool winter months to have the sunrays, it can make your home slightly unpleasant during the summer and increase your energy consumption. In order to choose the most effective solution, it’s necessary to remember your home’s orientation and location. This would also dictate whether it will be more efficient for horizontal or vertical blinds, and also the angle they would sit at.


By allowing natural air to pass into your house, Louvre roof systems are another great way to cool your house in summer. They can also open up your home and allow fresh air inside, while keeping your home shaded. This feature has been used by many homes near to the sea, as sea breezes can help cool their homes during the day and minimise the need for unnecessary air conditioning. For humid areas, this is also a great choice, where louvres can improve airflow and decrease a home’s dampness. Consider the direction from which the wind normally comes, and which rooms it will be most productive in


Although many of us enjoy a home that offers total privacy, full privacy may feel somewhat claustrophobic in certain instances. Louvre roof is a perfect way to provide your home with much needed privacy, while still making you feel connected to the outside world and not blocking too much natural light. You would need to evaluate the degree of privacy you are looking for, the direction you would like privacy from, the amount of natural light you would also like inside, and so on, to optimise the efficacy of louvres for privacy. You will have the choice of using either horizontal or vertical louvres, as with sun shading, and you can choose from motorized or sliding shutters.

Outdoor Living

For outdoor living areas, Louvre roofs are a very common option, as they give you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors during both winter and summer. Louvre roofs are incorporated into the design of a home by many architects to increase the openness and light in a room. The trick here is to think what you ultimately want from your room, and whether you can help achieve that with a louvre roof. If you need to enquire about louvre roof prices, you can contact Eurola.