Outdoor Features that Add Resale Value to Your Home

Most house hunters look out for outdoor areas that are an extension to the home’s living space. In case, if you are looking to put up your home on the market, give extra importance to the outdoor features of your property to increase your home’s value and draw the attention of the buyers.

  • Outdoor Shower

For the home owners, who are aiming to get the maximum return on their investment, it is wise to have an outdoor shower installed. According to a study, it was identified that homes with outside bathing areas got the maximum of the ROI.

  • Outdoor Pool Patio

Most people look up to swimming pool as an amusement factor. Hence, having an area outside the pool with louvered pergola Sydney is great place for the guests to relax. This will add a seamless look to your outdoors too.

  • Outdoor Kitchen

A simple countertop with a cooktop and sink will create an amazing cooking area. With the inclusion of a louvered roof pergola Sydney, to cover the area, will be even more enticing for the prospective buyers.

  • Permanent Seating

Your home might have a great space for entertainment outdoors, but furnishing it just with a set of outdoor furniture will not add to its value. Whereas, if you integrate a permanent seating structure with a picnic table, a built in bench and a louvered pergola Sydney, is sure to increase the value of the property as the seating remains with the property.

  • Space to relax

Most people look up to the outdoor spaces as extensions of home. Therefore, individuals want to relax without the feeling of being spied on. Walled or shaded louvered pergola Sydney, will offer this privacy. Moreover the louvered pergola price Sydney is also affordable now, so getting one is not going to hurt your wallet.

  • Landscaping

A well maintained yard is the most attractive factor to entice a prospective homebuyer. It does not cost much to maintain this too. All you have to do is, spend some time to care for your extensive garden and landscaping.


  • Outdoor Fireplace

Adding up an outdoor fireplace creates a comfortable place for outdoor entertainment when you gather as a family. This feature will lure the buyer to envision on keeping his family warm during chilly nights while having a great enjoyment outdoors.

  • Lightings Outdoor

Lightings outdoor add to the curb appeal of the home, improving more on the function of the outdoor space, making it easier to enjoy outdoors after the sun sets. It also adds to safety, security and personal comfort, making the outdoor yard more visible.


There are many homes available in the market that the buyers can choose from. If you are waiting to put up your house in the market, think from the shoes of the buyer, and add up the outdoor features, that will make your home attractive. Make your home stand out from the crowd.