3 Reasons Why Retractable Awnings are Better than Fixed Awnings

Fixed and retractable awnings are a part of so many homes. Both these roof systems can improve the curb appeal of residences. When homeowners require adding a usable outdoor space, a good roofing system can make that possible. But, during the purchase process, people are often torn between fixed and retractable awnings.

The one big difference that sets fixed and retractable awnings apart is versatility. While the former is a permanent structure that cannot be altered in any way, the latter can be opened or retracted based on your convenience. It is this functionality that makes retractable awnings Sydney prices reasonable. Here are a few reasons why retractable awnings are better than fixed awnings.

Better Energy Efficiency:

Both fixed and retractable awnings indeed offer enough savings on your air conditioning bills. As awnings block out sunlight, it reduces the interior heat significantly, so you’d be less dependent on the cooling systems. This eventually lets you save hundreds of dollars every year.

But when it comes to the winter season, retractable awnings clearly have an edge. You’d want all the available heat to come into your house during the colder months. This is only achievable with a retractable awning, as it can be conveniently opened to let the sunlight in.

Improved Lifespan:

The fabric used in awnings does determine the lifespan of the roof systems. Commonly used fabrics, such as PVC and acrylic, are always exposed to external elements and are vulnerable to damage too. The fabric can tear when there’s heavy wind or fade due to continuous exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

Using a high-quality fabric is indeed a solution, however, installing retractable awnings in Sydney can fully resolve the problem. During harsh weather conditions, you can fully retract the awning, so that the fabric won’t be exposed to rain, wind, snow, or sun. Apart from protecting the fabric, this will also extend the lifespan of the material by many years.

Controls Light Better:

Proper light management is another factor that makes retractable awnings Sydney prices worth it. Several factors such as fog, haze, and angle of sunlight, influence the lighting conditions. Fixed awnings do block sunlight at a certain angle, but it won’t allow you to adjust the light exposure throughout different times of the day.

On the other hand, retractable awnings can be used to let in only the required amount of sunlight for increased comfort. The more you utilise natural light, the better your energy savings will be.

Retractable awnings are a great choice to enhance your lifestyle and reduce energy costs at the same time. Get in touch with a reputable supplier offering durable retractable awnings Sydney for sale. It’ll be worth your investment!