Complete Privacy and Protection with Retractable Awnings

The retractable awnings are used for extending the outdoor living and entertainment areas including patios, balconies and courtyards in both homes and commercial buildings. The awnings provide total protection against sun and rain. The retractable awnings represent good alternatives to a permanent roof structure.

The retractable awnings can also be used for windows and doors for protection against the UV rays of the sun, harsh winds and rain. Melbourne has an unpredictable weather which is why the retractable roof systems Melbourne have been designed to combat sudden weather changes and can be also be customised for commercial places such as cafes and restaurants.

Motorised awnings

There is an extensive range of motorised awnings which are easy to operate. The customer can opt for hard wired, wireless, battery and solar powered motors or handheld, wall mount and LED time programmable remote control awnings. The retractable motorised awnings can also be equipped with sensors such as rain sensors to automatically retract the awnings on detecting water or the sun sensors that open the awning automatically on detecting a particular temperature. Most of the awnings also come with a manual override feature which enables them to be operated manually in case of power failure.

Pivot arm awnings

These retractable awnings melbourne are suitable for protecting balconies and alfresco areas along with even windows and doors. The pivot arm awnings are mainly spring loaded which maintains the fabric in stretched condition all the time. They are well suited for windy conditions; however, they should be retracted during storms. These awnings come in both manual as well as motorised versions.

Zip/Channel awnings

Zip/Channel awnings provide complete protection to the alfresco area against rain, wind and sun. These modern awnings have a sleek design featuring the fabric locked in a zip mechanism which slides up and down between two side channels. This mechanism keeps the fabric taut by maintaining tension all the time. The side channels serve to keep out the sunlight from even the gaps. These awnings can withstand wind speeds as high as 80 km/h. They can be manually operated or may possess solar motor, electric motor or battery.

Straight drop awnings

Straight drop awnings for windows are very easy to use. The user simply needs to turn the crank handle to raise or lower it to a desired level and clip it into the bottom set points when that level is reached. They are also available in motorised versions. These awnings provide complete protection to the alfresco area against UV rays of the sun and make the space a lot more comfortable. They are available in a plethora of fabrics such as canvas, mesh, acrylic and PVC.

What are the prices?

The retractable awnings Melbourne prices depend upon their sizes and characteristics. For example, a motorised awning would cost more than a manually operated awning. However, good quality retractable awnings are available at affordable rates.