How to Choose the Right Awning for Your Home?

If you want an area where your kids could play, or anywhere that will serve as a porch, an awning will rightly serve you. You can consider a wide-ranging of different retractable roof systems in Brisbane for your home, the kind you pick depends on the dimension, usage and preferences. Here are some suggestions to remember when selecting the correct awnings for your house.

Awning material

The first consideration that you should make is the type of material that is used to make an awning. Different types of awning materials signify a different level of maintenance service or type. Since fabric and aluminium are the two most common types of awnings for the home’s outdoor area, you’ll probably choose between these two for yourself. Fabrics come in aesthetically attractive colours but require more maintenance when compared to aluminium. The aluminium awnings, on the other hand, are sturdier but do not provide an opportunity for a lot of customization.

Installation angle

This consideration can be overlooked by most homeowners when selecting retractable awning. Awning angle is critical for product overall efficiency. An optimum drop angle performance recommended for awning installation is about 75 per cent. If your window faces south, the awning drop angle may drop to 55% due to the sun angle.

Additional accessories

The more accessories included the more expensive the products become. The side panels are among the key retractable awning kits that you need to remember. Side panels can adjust the awnings’ architectural design, and they may also provide protection from a specific direction just in case the awnings don’t have adequate coverage.

Awning size

The size of the awning that you select will depend on the total area that you want to occupy. While the smaller awnings may be more decorative, the bigger awnings give the outdoor space more cover or shade.

Retraceable awnings

There are several reasons why awnings that are retractable are far better than other stationary alternatives. For example, when not in use these awnings can be very well adjusted, so it can be the best for patios as well for decks. The switches and motors that are in attachment with the retractable awnings Brisbane simplify the control. The kits for retractable awnings contain sun sensors, which denote that the awning can easily sense the climatic conditions and sun and wind position for automatic adjustment.


Although the style of the awning that you choose may be the last factor to consider, it looks cool if you choose a style that matches your home’s overall look. Some of the best types of retractable awnings Brisbane you will find today are the conventional and closed or open sides. Nowadays, there are a wide range of awnings and retractable awnings Brisbane prices are much affordable. It’s necessary to seek a professional installer’s advice to ensure the awning is properly assembled for full impact.