Factors That Affect Louvre Roof Price

Undoubtedly, louvre roof systems are a wonderful addition to your home. They are best in both worlds–visual appeal and functionality. It is one of the most efficient ways to give your outdoors the boost it needs. The louvre roof has gained popularity recently and made its way into many Australian homes. We, Aussies, are known for loving the outdoors. Aren’t we? Of course, nothing can beat our summer and BBQ parties. This roof system takes outdoor living to the next level.

That said, many homeowners who wanted to install it in their house tend to hesitate because louvre roof prices is their major concern.

So, how much does a louvre roof cost?

Well, are you interested in building a budgeted patio that includes a louvre roof but doesn’t know what to expect? See, the louvre roof prices differ from one project to another as a lot of factors will impact the cost of your new louvered roof. Yes, there is nothing like one system fits all. No two names are identical, and so does the louvre roof systems. That is because the roof system needs to be designed according to your needs. This is why we say it is quite difficult to give specific numbers or general price ranges when it comes to estimating the cost of louvre roof systems.

Let’s now take a look at the key factors that influence the louvre roof cost:-

Size of the louvre roof

This is one of the significant factors that impact your louver roof system’s purchase and installation cost. The larger the roof system, the more you have to pay. However, some manufacturers offer discounts on the price per square foot if you reach the maximum. If your planned louvre roof system is small, you will pay less.

The style and design of louvre roof system

The design of your louvre roof systems is another factor that will influence the total cost of the system. Many designs are available, including standard rectangular shapes like free-standing, curved, and triangular. All these designs could be customisation according to your outdoor lifestyle.


Different brands charge different prices. The materials used and size of the roof can also depend on the manufacturer as quality differs from one to another. While some offer lower price, the quality might not be good, others offer high-quality at a high price. However, low price doesn’t mean that they are not good and vice versa. So, choose the right manufacturer who provides quality products at a competitive price.

Additional features

Opting for accessories like sophisticated control systems like automated control, sensors, light fixtures, and incorporated fans could cost you more as they are additional features.

As you see, these are the factors that affect the cost of a louvre roof system. If you are looking for a louvre roof manufacturer, We, Eurola got you covered.