Top Six Benefits of Choosing Vergola Roof Systems for Your Home


Top Six Benefits of Choosing Vergola Roof Systems for Your Home

The roof is the uppermost limit of one’s home, and is traditionally seen as the enclosure from elements. However, modifications such as roof gardens, attics, and secret enclosures enable utilising the roof as additional space. Even as a sturdy roof means security, options of retractable roofs that enable the view of the sky have enhanced the options of one’s roof selections. Louvre roof systems make possible the entry of light and the breeze, but keep the house out of harsh sunlight or the rains. Vergola (NSW), provides varying options of retractable roofs for homes with open roof utility.

Why Vergola?

  1. The louvre systems from Vergola are made from Australian made Zincalume steel with an alloy coating, as opposed to the traditional aluminium. This increases its durability, and protects it from effects of weathering, and retains the fresh look even after a long-term exposure to the elements.
  2. The aerofoil of the louvre made by the company creates insulation, and thus ensures that the room below is free from heat radiation, making the area cooler.
  3. Vergola systems offer a great flexibility of adjustment. When opened to its maximum, the room gets around 90% of the lights, and can be adjusted to alter the quantity of light and breeze entering the room. During heavy rains, the interlocking pattern of the roofing plates ensures that no rain enters the room. Even as this feature can be fallible upon heavy rains and storms, add-ons can be used as a safety measure.
  4. There is no upper limit to the areas that can be covered with Vergola, as opposed to its alternatives, as it exhibits extreme stability when it comes to covering large areas. Single or multiple bays could be incorporated effectively covering a sizeable portion of the roof.
  5. The louvre systems of vergola roof can be operated via remote controlling mechanisms. It has highly sensitive sensors that can be programmed to automatically operate during rains, shutting off the systems completely that the room is not affected. The system also offers provisions to connect to the fire systems or automation systems, which ensures the safety of the room.
  6. The designs of Vergola can be customised to fit any type of housing, be it contemporary architecture, or a traditional design. On pitched roofs, the louvre can be used as slanted gables. On flat roofs, as commonly seen in Australia, it can be used as ceiling blinds or retractable awnings. The systems can also be used as flood openings, with mechanisms similar to that of a dam.

The costing

The pricing of Vergola systems would differ from the area covered, the add-ons used on the materials, the custom designs, the fixed components like the motor, the sensor, etc. With it, the cost translates into its high-quality product and smooth performance. Ideally, a 3-D mock-up of the intended roofing must be made in consultation with the architect, before the model is finalised.

For an open roof plan, Vergola systems are the best preferred, as it is a onetime investment with a hoard of benefits.