Retractable Glass Wall


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The panorama system is completely motorised and provides vertical glass movements that can be controlled using key buttons, remote controls and even via tablets and phones with minimum effort. Panorama system can be used in both residential and commercial spaces and is considered to be the best system for glass gazing. This system enables the user to adjust the glass movements at any height the user desires. This system allows more fresh air, larger indoor space, brighter daylight, and a much more enjoyable place.

Materials Used in Panorama System

The materials used in the panorama system are aluminium and glass that are fabricated to the highest quality and standards. The aluminium used in the material is made of top quality T6 6063 alloys created in our extrusion facility. This enables us to control aluminium parameters from raw material to the final product to ensure if the intended quality is achieved or not.

The following are the primary reasons to use aluminium in the panorama system,

  • Corrosion proof
  • Light weight
  • Intensively durable
  • Wide choice of colours

The aluminium used in the panorama system comes with QUALICOAT certified high-quality coating, and anodised or wood cover surfaces that help to provide robust durability for aluminium.

The different colour options available with this type of system includes,

  • Opac
  • Tinted green
  • Blue
  • Bronze
  • Clear and
  • Reflected

Panorama system comes in two different types as heat insulated or uninsulated, and is called as Panorama and Panorama Thermal respectively.

Technical Details of Panorama System

  • The panorama system consists of an upper box which carries a hot melt insulation band of thickness 3.5 mm and provides noise reduction of 30 to 35 dB when the system is under usage.
  • Under the upper box, balloon EPDM cords are placed and provide a perfect touch with the hand rail system when the panorama system is fully closed.
  • The primary technical aspect of the panorama system is, in case of any problem with the glass, it can be fixed easily without dissembling all system because of its modular side rails.
  • Box profiles can be used at connection parts of two panorama system without any additional construction in large frontage projects. The possible box profiles for this panorama system are 2×12 cm, 4×12 cm, 6×12 cm and 4×12 cm for heat insulated options. The 4×12 cm profiles make a perfect combination with Panorama thermal.
  • The panorama system is designed by DIN 8187 Norms and comes with a gear system that has a coherent hardness to prolong the life of the system.
  • Somfy Altus RTS motor that produces 120 Nm nominal torques while under operation, is used in panorama system. The power consumption range of this motor is 350W and can lift a maximum of 68 kg.
  • Quenched gear is designed exclusively for the panorama system since it is galvanised, corrosion resistant and highly durable.
  • The adhesive for the panorama system is developed to provide perfect adhesion while fixing glass with the aluminium profile. The adhesive used in this system is not rigid not soft but has a high tolerance for extreme weather conditions and possible heavy impacts.
Retractable Glass Wall


The SOMFY motor used in the system is the best regarding quality and reputation. The energy created by the rotation of the motor system moves the shaft, in turn, causes movement in the connected gear and octagon shaft. Because of these actions, the external glass starts to move in the same direction with the motor cycle which is connected to the gear with a chain. The durability of the panorama system comes from heat treated gear and chain combination.

Remote Control Options

The panorama system comes with three different remote control options, such as 1 – 5 – 16 channels. The panorama modules can be controlled via remote control, and these controls can be customised by giving each system module a number and control them. The TAHOMA application in Android or iOS devices can also be used to control modules and can simplify the interaction between you and the devices at home or in your enterprise. To control panorama system, a discreet box must be plugged into a standard wall outlet to communicate over your home’s or enterprise’s Wi-Fi with the systems.