Folding Arm Awnings

Protect outdoors with strong arms and intelligent design

Folding arm awnings are excellent as a rollaway cover for your home’s deck, patio, or balcony. They are also ideal for business purposes like restaurants and cafes. With motorised outdoor awnings, you can instantly form an outdoor living room that shields against rain or the sun.

The arms wrap up horizontally in the case of folding arm awnings, rather than vertically as with other types of awnings. Moreover, they require no vertical support or posts. As a result, your outdoor space can stay clear of any intrusive and nosy posts. Also, when the motorised outdoor awnings are retracted, the whole area is clear of any structure.more

Eurola’s awnings are devised for effective heat check & can either automated or manually rolled as per the sun’s angle at any given time.

We present a broad range of folding arm awnings. We are stationed in Sydney, but we can ship them anywhere in the country.

Eurola’s range of high-quality retractable awnings is made with cutting edge technology and engineered to endure winds of up to category six (nearly 48km/hr) on the standard Beaufort wind scale. Our retractable folding arm awning price is affordable as it’s made in Australia using the highest quality materials. Also, it incorporates four durable cables in each arm for excellent performance.

Our exclusive variety of folding arm awnings consists of full cassette models. They can withstand the tough Australian climate and are designed to face hot sunny days and wet rainy days.

For added comfort, they can also be motorised by using a remote control. You can also completely automate the awnings with cutting edge sun and wind sensors. Select from a broad range of colours and designs, and a great variety of durable water and UV resistant fabrics made to compliment any outdoor space.