The Vertex System and our retractable pergola

The Vertex Retractable Pergola

Learn about our retractable Pergola

We all know that retractable roofing has been around for a long time now, but having the ability to revolutionise it and constantly improve how they operate is what we strive to achieve. At Eurola, our retractable pergolas are of the highest quality you can get.

The Vertex system solves conflicting issues that clients have with older pergolas. It is now engineered to operate on flat level applications. It guarantees the optimum sun and rain protection allowing for you to enjoy the outdoors during all seasons of the year. In addition the retractable aspect of the pergolas ensure that it allows the perfect amount of sunlight in. Our retractable roof systems in Australia are engineered in similar ways across all brands with the only differences being the way the fabric is tensioned.

The customisation on the Vertex retractable pergola allows for it to suit any environment adding the perfect amount of modernism to your home or working environment. The high strength aluminium alloy makes it suitable for any situation. It gives you the option to put extras on the pergola such as an integrated gutter system and instead of metal post you can use timber cladding upon request making your retractable outdoor roof a masterpiece.

The Vertex retractable pergola comes with a complete waterproof solution, perfect solar protection and gives you the ability to retract your pergola to filter the amount of sun desired. If you have any enquiries feel free to contact us for all your retractable roofing needs in Australia.